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About Jan van Paridon

In addition to working on his bulb and flower farm, Jan van Paridon laid the foundation for his current export business, when he started a line of flowers in France in 1989.

He was impressed by the dynamic nature of the flower trade and flower exporting in particular and as a result of his interest and enthusiasm, Jan and his colleagues were quick to familiarise themselves with the specific characteristics of the French market:

After a few years, Jan van Paridon used the knowledge and experience he acquired to start doing business with export clients. This started off with a handful of export clients, which soon grew into a much bigger number of wholesalers and florists.

The home-based flower growing company in Aalsmeer was traded for FloraHolland in Rijnsburg. However, a portion of flowers and plants are still purchased from Aalsmeer using Remote Purchasing. That way, we can provide our clients with a tailored service by way of a complete selection of products, as well as a good price : quality ratio.